Engine Rebuilds in Phoenix, AZ

When replacing your engine just isn’t an option, Remarkable Engines LLC provides complete, professional engine rebuilding at our shop in Phoenix, AZ. The success of every engine rebuild relies on the judgment and skill of individual mechanics, and we work quickly and efficiently to keep your costs down. Whether you’re dealing with wear to engine bearings or poorly seated piston rings, we can bring your engine up to better-than-new condition.

Do You Need a Rebuild?

There are some common signs that indicate a rebuild may be necessary for your engine, including excessive oil consumption and white smoke in the exhaust. In more extreme cases, you could be seeing metal shavings in the engine oil or hearing knocking sounds from the engine bearings. No matter what problems you’re dealing with when it comes to your engine, we’re the engine rebuild experts in Phoenix, AZ.

Engine Rebuilds
Engine Rebuilding

Complete Engine Rebuilding

Our professional team has over 20 years of experience in engine rebuilding. We perform complete engine disassembly, cleaning, inspection, re-machining and reassembly. We’re highly adept in conducting company checks and comprehensive examination of all components. You can count on engine blocks and crankshafts being completely clean, all cylinder heads machined, comprehensive pressure tests performed and much more.

During our engine rebuilds, we expertly replace all damaged and degraded parts with brand-new ones. Our technicians are certified in ASE Engine Rebuilding—you can depend on our industry expertise and knowledge gained over decades of professional experience.

Engine Rebuilding Saves You Money

The skilled engine rebuilding technicians at Remarkable Engines LLC rebuild engines to better-than-new quality, saving you money and hassle. Contact us today at 602-278-3571 for a free estimate on engine rebuilds, diesel engine repairs, and other auto machine shop services. The result is always a perfectly-functioning engine at a fraction of the price of replacement.

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