Engine Repair in Phoenix, AZ

From new engine installation to engine repair and rebuilds, Remarkable Engines LLC provides a full range of services for both gasoline and diesel engines. Whether you’re noticing a rumble under the hood or the “check engine” light is giving you anxiety, we’re here to catch your engine problems early and provide replacement or rebuilding when necessary.

Engine Installation

When you need to replace your engine, we’re the team to call. Whether your engine has suffered major failure or has simply accumulated more miles than it can take, our team is ready to help you explore replacement options and provide expert installation that you can rely on. We have all the equipment and knowledge required to facilitate complete gasoline or diesel engine replacement, ensuring that your car or truck stays on the road for years to come. We offer engine sales through our shop’s network of reliable suppliers.

Engine Repair
Diesel Engine Repair Services

Engine Repairs

As the premier gasoline diesel engine repair service in Phoenix, AZ, our technicians have an expert understanding of every type of repair you need help with. Our professional technicians inspect your engine and pinpoint the source of any problems, boosting the efficiency and longevity of your vehicle’s most essential system. From fuel injectors to cylinder heads, intake to exhaust, your engine is in good hands with our experts.

  • Engine Machining: Need specialized machining for your engine? We can surface cylinder heads, bore and hone blocks, grind and polish shafts, and handle a complete range of engine machining.

Engine Rebuilds

If your engine is experiencing significant issues that go beyond regular cylinder head problems, our professional team will properly rebuild your gasoline or diesel engine. We have a fully equipped machine shop with all the machinery necessary to disassemble and rebuild your engine right in our shop. This is an intensive process that requires the skill and experience that only true professionals can provide, and we clean, resize, resurface and mill all parts showing substantial wear, preserving your engine and improving the performance of your vehicle.

Professional Gasoline and Diesel Engine Repair Services

Remarkable Engines LLC knows gasoline and diesel engines. From simple repairs to complete replacement, our team has decades of experience and know-how to get the job done right. Schedule your free consultation on engine installations and rebuilds by reaching out today at 602-278-3571.

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